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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


A Fracked Family In PA

"Yolandita presents the imaginary Frack Family and their dog Rocky of Beaver County, PA who help us to visualize the staggering quantity of chemicals that were used in a typical frack job (hydraulic fracturing for natural gas extraction) near their imaginary house in the Marcellus Shale region of western Pennsylvania."

Meet the Frack Family
by Sky Truth - HERE

What's In My Frack Fluid?
by Sky Truth - HERE

Totally Outstanding!
Many Thanks to Yolandita & Sky Truth

"We've been standing in the shadows all our lives
Where it's stand in line and don't look back
And don't look left and don't look right..."

"So we hide our eyes
And wonder who'll survive
Waiting for the night"

Well...It's Running Straight Back up...


I can see it with my eyes closed

Sunday, June 24, 2012


"Willful blindness sees no end of damage done."
Stephen Richards

Shale Gas Reality Begins To Dawn

"It has long been our position at The Automatic Earth that North America is collectively dreaming with regard to unconventional natural gas. While gas is undeniably there, the Energy Returned On Energy Invested (EROEI) is dramatically lower than for conventional supplies. The critical nature of EROEI has been widely ignored, but will ultimately determine what is and is not an energy source, and shale gas is going to fail the test."

The Automatic Earth

The article links to Dimitri Orlov's post from May 8 
which is one of the most revealing pieces I have ever read 
about the american shale gas farce. 
Not pink - not blue...
 just perfectly clear...
and far from the carnival

Shale Gas: The View From Russia

I visit Club Orlov every Tuesday



"Thus our civilization has entered what John Kenneth Galbraith called 'the twilight of illusion,' the point at which the end of a historical process would be clearly visible if everybody wasn’t so busy finding reasons to look somewhere else."
John Michael Greer

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


By Josh Fox

New Anti-Fracking Film 
by Gasland's Josh Fox Targets Cuomo: 
'Governor, What Color Will the Sky Be Over New York?'

By Jeff Goodell

Rolling Stone - HERE

I saw it written
And I saw it say
Pink Moon is on it's way

And none of you stand so tall
Pink Moon gonna get you all
It's a Pink Moon

Pink, Pink, Pink Pink...

Sunday, June 17, 2012


"...I need to make very clear that 
what has happened here is profoundly wrong."

"...I would encourage us not to forget that 
while Riverdale was first and foremost 
about the human rights of its residents,
 it is also about the rape of the environment for fracking."
Wendy Lee

"Beautiful 10-year-old children who are now living in what amounts to a prison replete with chain link fencing, construction machinery, the decimation of their community and its grounds, the loss of all of their new friends among the activists, and the loss of all of their old friends evicted from their homes. I can’t even imagine what this experience has been like for them."

"These are kids"

"The stress Aqua America has created for them is one of the ugliest, most revealing, and most damning aspects of this story. Look at the pictures of their handprints on our barricades reconstructed after the former owner, Skip Leonard, mowed them down. Imagine what it must be like for them to see what remains of these brightly painted walls now that Aqua America machinery has destroyed them. Imagine what they are learning about being an American."

"...everything we need to know about corporate fascism, the valuing of property rights over human rights, and the crass drive for profits is contained in the fact that Aqua America is so determined to build their water-withdrawal-for-fracking-station that they’ll risk the lives of two little girls on their bicycles rather than wait until they leave. And we cannot forget that this “leaving” is naught but the forced ejection of children from their homes, their friends, potentially their school, and their lives."

"That, Aqua America, 
is conscienceless."

Quotes & Photos by Wendy Lee
Raging Chicken Press

Mother, father please explain to me
Why forests march to desert speed
While snowcapped mountains melt away
What do we tell our babies, when do we say, oh

Mother, father please explain to me
How this world has come to be so
Twisted between time and dreams
Oh, mother, father please explain to me
Oh, whats all this talk about?
All this talk about it
Spinning down, down, down, down, down
All this talk about
Endless words without
Nothings done

Mother, father ...
Do you know?

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Truthland made its debut this week


I won't embed it...
You can find it HERE
Along with some other crap

I knew it wouldn't take long for details...

It's all right HERE

Thanks to Little Sis !!!

My favorite part...
Unfortunately, the environmental and health concerns about fracking that Truthland’s protagonist, Shelly Depue, determined to be “unfounded” after her trip have become a reality on her own property. In March, after a DePue neighbor outside Montrose, PA reported sludgy water and an “erupting” water well that was also determined to have unusually high methane levels, the Scranton Times-Tribune investigated and found that Tulsa, OK-based drilling company WPX Energy had been cited for environmental violations on multiple nearby wells in 2011, including on the Depues’ property, which they had leased to WPX (then Williams Production Appalachia) in July 2010. The violations were for “defective casing or cement … meant to protect aquifers [which contain drinking water] from gas and other fluids.”

From The Times Tribune, March 13..
"DEP inspectors also found gas bubbling from between the casing strings on three more WPX wells on the same two well pads - the DePue and Hollenbeck - although those wells were not cited for violations. Bubbling is often viewed by state regulators as an indication of a leak or defect in a well's construction."

It keeps goin' around...
and comin' around...
and around...
and around...

You should also check out Chip Northrup's rave review...
Truthland Lies  
Chip is priceless

Y'think any of those people understand Karma?

"Time is running out,
to permeate the piece."
Tommy Tune