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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


WRGZ 2 News - Buffalo

"Through history progress has taken sacrifice.
The economy vs the environment.
Up for grabs - 
Tens of thousands of jobs,
Billions of dollars and cleaner energy
But at stake - 
Safe drinking water and the future of our environment."

Wow - a fresh new face to spew their frackola
Maribeth Anderson of Chesapeake Energy:
"...it's important, I think, to remember that there's never been a case of hydraulic fracturing chemicals getting into the groundwater. It's never happened."
On that impermeable rock:
"It's kind of like saying, 'you stand on that side of the mountain. I'll stand on this side of the mountain, and I'll point a water hose at you, and you tell me when you get wet'"
A stunningly simple minded analogy
A worthy addition to my collection.

From Carl Paladino of Buffalo:
"Drill it and  put people to work. Stop this economic foolishness and scaring people unnecessarily.
For this cabal to stand in the way over an unknown
and undefined fear is so, so bad.
Let's be rational. Let's balance risk with economic impact too."

He looks and sounds like what he is
An absolute tea partying Frack-Hole
Google him and check out the e-mail scandal
The guy is disgusting

Paladino lost to Cuomo by a 2 to 1 margin statewide
He won only in the Buffalo area
Buffalo's Common Council recently banned fracking
Go Figure


"I sure don't want to live here anymore."
Craig Sautner - Dimock


  1. we dont want you here (in Dimock) anymore, so clean up your jugs on the side of the road and get out. You are a joke, you dont care about the enviornment, all you care about is money, hopefully you will win your lawsuit and leave. I hope your newfound celebrity is as rewarding for you as it is entertaining for the rest of us in the community.

  2. someone seems to be jealous

  3. I wonder what SELLOUT wrote that?

  4. This is Craig Sautner and I was just wondering who would write all these bogus comments and NOT state the FACTS.If you don't have the FACTS then you shouldn't lie about everything.We DO want to move away from this industrial WASTELAND.If you have something to say then say it to my face.Don't hide behind tarps and everybody else.Just grow up and get a life.I'm happy that it is so entertaining for you.At least we're not SELLOUTS.What we say is the TRUTH.We have worked very,very hard to try and get clean water to Dimock.But there are many people that don't think we deserve that.I hope you're not waiting for Cabot to rectify the contamination,because it's not going to happen.They WILL NOT admit guilt.So mind your own business and keep your nose out of our BUSINESS.

  5. Let's be rational. Let's balance risk with economic impact too."

    This statement is so absurd. Lets risk clean air and water, leaving our property worthless and then the economic benefit is ????????

    I guess Maribeth Anderson has frack brain since she is unaware that John Hanger DEP head said that Cabott Industry was definitely guilty in contaminating the water in Dimock. She must have been swimming in the frack pit when the judge found Cabott Industry guilty for contaminating all the water.

  6. God bless the Saunters and their neighbors in Dimock who are forced to live with a water buffalo and reliance on trucked-in water deliveries. And the fear of an explosion in their homes. This is such a nightmare and we wonder who is next. We deeply appreciate the people of Dimock who have worked tirelessly to raise awareness on the gas drilling issue. The overwhelming evidence of contaminated water supplies and air supplies mounts daily. While our elected officials remain focused on the economic opportunity, the people are being poisoned in our state and others where this drilling is taking place. Google DISH, Texas and Pavillion, Wyoming for a glimpse of life with gas drilling. Pay attention to the DEP violations in PA with a full understanding that we have an understaffed DEP (imagine if ALL violations were discovered). We need a moratorium until the EPA studies are concluded and until our state takes the time to see fit to pass legislation that will tighten regulations on this industry. We need to get it right, or we WILL suffer the consequences.

  7. No anonymous, all CABOT cares about is money. If you had poison chemicals coming out of your faucet, maybe you would not be so sarcastic. The Carter rd people have not made any money, they have lost their homes and well being to greedy polluting gas companies. It is despicable that you write about your neighbors this way.

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  9. why would you believe multi-national corporations and our government over your own neighbors?

    the corporations are motivated by profit and need for profits for their investors--

    come see for yourself what your neighbors are going through, come see the data and test results and Dep inspection reports and make a better decision--

    there's a growing number of families suffering from pollution, contamination, negative results from the gas drilling and it's also in the other counties and other states where drilling is happening.