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Friday, August 6, 2010


I have received some objections to a phrase quoted in my previous post so I thought I'd take the time to comment. It has never been my nature to casually or indiscriminately use language commonly considered vulgar or in bad taste. In my entire life I never heard my parents swear - not once. Likewise, my daughters have never heard me swear. Of course I've always kept my eyes and ears open - my first summer out of high school I worked down here at the steel mill many years before it finally closed. When it comes to the
F-Word, steel mill workers can hold their own with anyone. And I've worked on many commercial construction sites and tradesmen can sure keep it going all day long. At least one F-Word per sentence and more in between.

Every day I search for plain spoken truth. When I find it and if it's relevant, I share it.  I found what was for me a timely, important and insightful article by a man who is highly respected and widely regarded as one of the world's foremost environmentalists. Bill McKibben has spent over 20 years fighting for us all in the arena of global warming. He has authored over a dozen books, received numerous awards, has a young daughter, and teaches sunday school. He is another who has never casually or indiscriminately used the F-Word.

This is a man whose words should be heeded by everyone with serious environmental concerns, whether it be fracking in our state or the devastating and increasing use of carbon fuels around the world.  I view his use of that phrase as symbolic of a new awakening - an epiphany of sorts brought on by the US Senate's failure to accomplish anything at all to help remedy what is probably our world's most serious threat. Using that phrase was for him a departure; intentional, direct and a perfect expression of a new level of anger that had risen within him.

In that context, and given his long years of effort and leadership, I found the phrase to be illuminating. I share his anger and my anger is growing with each new transgression - each new outrage. Getting mad isn't a decision or a choice - it's a natural and necessary reaction when the future of my children and their children is at stake. I have never in my life had the slightest interest in getting even. I only want to win and he knows better than anyone what it's going to take to give us our best chance.
Please go back and read his article.
Please learn more about Bill McGibben 
And check out his recent work with the Catskill Mountainkeepers  
He is a HERO
Open your eyes and get MAD
Then get BUSY.
The most obscene F-Word I know
is FRACK. 
(I have always been annoyed by my own lack of writing skills and for that I apologize - but I will always tell it exactly as I see it. This is a serious site dealing with a deadly serious problem. I do not "drop f-bombs".)


  1. Fracked,

    WTF ?!?!?!
    The most obscene word I know is "obscene."

    Words like 'fuck' are just sounds generated by letter combinations....
    but . . .
    human actions: life-affirming or life-denying;
    human thoughts: life-affirming or life-denying;
    human words reflecting thoughts: life-affirming or life-denying-----------those are meaningful.

    So if someone says something in defense of life----I respect and value that.
    Bill McGibben speaks in defense of life.

  2. "The most obscene F-Word I know
    is FRACK." Amen Brother!